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[Used] Underground Wales

[Used] Underground Wales
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Martyn Farr PB 95pp

Martyn has written several books on caving, is known worldwide for his Cave Diving Exploits and is a skilled Underground Photographer. Do not reject this book as another "rope swingers biography" it is not. Martyn has a love of all things subterranean and his enthusiasm shows in his words. I am a fan of Martyn's books - all are good to read, and this one is no exception. Featured are many well-known and lesser-known Mines and Caves in Wales each with Grid references and access details The book is broken down into subject headings Limestone, Coal, Gold, Iron Lead and Zinc, Stone Workings and finally Dinorwig Power Station. Martyn cleverly explains how the mines are worked, use historical information to full effect. Throughout uses colour photography which is no mean feat in the large slate and silica mine chambers. The photos on the front cover of various levels in Olwyn Goch Mine at Hendre North Wales is a unique shot and helps to explain the vastness and complexity of these workings. The book is a delight to read and anyone interested in Welsh Mines or Caves the book it is a must. I would be amazed if anyone disagrees with me.