Cornwall and Devon The Tudor Tin Industry

The Tudor Tin Industry

The Tudor Tin Industry
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Alan Buckley, SB, 202pp

Written by former South Crofty miner Allen Buckley, takes an in depth look at tin mining in west Cornwall during the 16th century.
The book identifies the hundreds of tin mines and tin streams which operated in the stannary of Penwith and Kerrier.
It provides the names and locations of the mines together with the names of the tinners who operated them.
The tinners' lists for Kerrier and Penwith, dating back to the 1530s, contain more than 2,070 names, and
nearly 200 Tudor tin mines and tin streams have been identified.
Author Allen Buckley spent 33 years at South Crofty with a couple of years in the middle at Geevor. He worked underground for most of the time, although the last few years were spent running Crofty Consultancy.
He has written a number of books about mining including the Story of Mining in Cornwall, Princes of the Working Valley and The Great County Adit.
He said: "The Tudor period is of particular interest to me as it's only really from then that we have sufficient written material to do a proper study.
"The 16th century is when mining records started to multiply.
"What really fascinates me is the connection between the Cornish of the medieval times and our own times. There are loads of families that were mining in Tudor times that still exist today in places like Camborne.
"It is exciting to look at the names of tinners who worked in Camborne and Redruth 500 years ago and realise that the same families were working at Wheal Pendarves, South Crofty and Wheal Jane at the end of the 20th century. In some cases those ancient mines were still being operated, although usually under different names." (review from

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