Wheal Trewavas

Wheal Trewavas
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Peter Joseph & Alasdair Neill, sb, 94pp

Wheal Trewavas was never a mine of significance. It is best known, if at all, for its surviving engine houses and their precipitous cliff side location on the east shore of Mount’s Bay. These buildings rival the better known examples at The Crowns, Botallack, for the drama of their setting.
The mine’s story is nevertheless well worth telling and the Trevithick Society is pleased to do so in this history. The book is a tribute to its joint author, Alasdair Neill, who died in 2016. Alasdair was an investigative mining researcher both above and below ground; he published little but contributed hugely to the work of others, not least through his exhaustive Newspapers’ Index, and is remembered with great affection. In consequence this publication has been part sponsored by his friends at NAMHO, for which generosity the Trevithick Society, as publisher, is most grateful. The book covers the mine’s history, archaeology and the remarkable conservation of the engine houses by the National Trust.