French Mining


[USED] Dover Coal Boring - Observations on the correlation of the Franco Belgian, Dover and Somerset Coalfields, discovery of Coal at Dover, Coal Boring at Shakespeare Cliff
Francis Brady, wityh reports from Victor Watteyne, James Murtree, M R Zeiller, HB, 41pp, Several Maps and sections, Published 1892 (good condition this is an original not a reprint)
[USED] Lascaux - La Grotte de Lascaux
Jean Taralon, Sb, A5, 70pp, In french
[USED] Les merveilles du monde souterrain - bibliothèque des merveilles
Par L Simonin, SB, 275pp 1884 Publisher: Librairie Hachette
[USED] Les Pierres, Esquisses Minéralogiques, Ourage Illustre De 91 Gravures Sur Bois
Par L Simonin, Hardback, 516pp Green binding of the time, - all gilt edges - 6 inset plates in chromo-lithography under curve and 15 cards drawn in colour - more than 90 woodcuts in the text or full page - low foxing to last beyond six pages Table of Contents - very nice copy,printed 1869