Mining UK Coal Mining Coal Mining - Coal Mining in the UK & Autobiographies

Coal Mining - Coal Mining in the UK & Autobiographies

Coal Mining -  Coal Mining in the UK &  Autobiographies


British Mining No 94 - Coal A chronology for Britain
Alan Hill, PB , A5 272pp
Changes and Challenges A Life in Coal (and beyond)
Trevor Massey, Sb, 292pp, 150 x 240,
Draglines 1: The last move of "Oddball" plus "Ace of Spades" and "Chevington Collier" at work (DVD)
A full Compilation with no commentary. Run time 71 Minutes. ( DVDs are also available in NTSC format for the USA)
Rope & Chain Haulage - The forgotten Element of Railway History
Colin E Mountford, HB, 240mm x 175mm, 384pp 300 photos, 65 drawings and maps
[USED] A Discovery of Subterranean Treasure ( A Difcovery of Subterraneall Treafure 1980 IMM Reprint of 1639 original) :of all Manner of Mines from Gold to Coal Viz.of All Manner of Mines and Minerals, from the Gold to Coal; with Plain directions and ru
Gabriel Plattes, HB, 60pp, Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, reprint 1990 (Title reads A Difcovery of Subterraneall Treafure)
[USED] Battered Cherub - the Autobiography of Joe Gormley
Joe Gormley ,Hb, 216pp, 16 plates, Publisher: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1982 Very good condition complete with Dust Jacket
[USED] Britain's Coal
Margot Heinemann, HB, 195pp, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1944.
[USED] Coal
HPH Oliver, H Donaldson & HB Locke, SB, 23pp, Nuffield Foundation (1967)
[USED] Coal and Coal Mining
Sir Warington W. Smyth, HB, 346+pp, Crosby Lockwood and Son (1900)
[USED] Coal Industry
D.K. Mittal, HB, 280pp, Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd. (first edition, 1994)
[USED] Coal Mines Act Sectionalised with Amendments and New General Regulations
William T. Molyneuz, HB, 210pp, Thomas Wall and Sons Limited (1926)
[USED] Coal Mines Act (CMA) Sectionalised
William T. Molyneux, HB, 255pp, Thomas Wall and Sons Ltd (eight edition: enlarged 1941)